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The company SKM is a team of ambitious people who are committed to development and innovation. The team is trained in that way that its members can locate parts that are hard to find and deliver them to you in no time. Our specialists in the field of electronic components have an extensive network of suppliers that are located around the world.

In Touch

with Tomorrow

Performance optimization

Software development

The company SkM is offering a premier custom software development. 

Performance optimization

Website Creation

Development, promotion of sites of any complexity 

Product Line

We are distributors of all kinds of electrical, electronic and electromechanical chips. These include passive and active components that can be new or refurbished. 

Customer service

Thanks to our highly qualified team, our customers are able to receive the highest standards of service.

Our IT specialists with their creative approach embody your various ideas in creation of websites with functions you really need. 

Our logistics department conducts a full check of the order sent and makes sure that you receive it on time. 

We strive to ensure that our customers receive quality products. Quit often we provide an independent testing services which insure that the goods our reliable. Our quality policy applies not only to components, but also to all areas of business.

We are always ready for cooperation!